Wedding Packages

Welcome to Woven Motion Wedding Films

We’re super relaxed and generally just go with the flow of the day with as little direction as possible. We’re all about creating good vibes both on the day and in our edits. We’re really flexible in adapting to the flow of events on the day and to any requests you have. Our main goals are to keep everything chill while creating an epic wedding film for you to enjoy!

How do I choose a videographer that will complement the work my photographer does? 

We love working with photographers! It’s always lots of fun to bounce off the energy of other creatives, working together to capture the magic. We recommend choosing people that compliment each other stylistically. We find every wedding and photographer/videographer combo is a unique experience and we approach it as such keeping it relaxed and flexible.

Do we get to choose the music that is played in our wedding video?

Generally we use high quality stock audio and provide you with a list of options. This allows you to use your wedding film across all platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and socials without the chance of it being pulled down due to music copyright. That being said if you have specific songs in mind let us know and we’ll do our best to include them. At the end of the day your happiness is our number one priority so we will always work with you to create the wedding film of your dreams.

Do we supply the raw clips?

We get asked this one a fair bit and yes of course we’re happy to supply all of the raw clips as after all they are your moments and we want you to have them all. You will need to supply us with an external hard drive with at least 1TB of space.

Do we include drone filming?

Yes we absolutely include drone filming in every package but please check with your venue as some venues have restrictions on drone usage.

Do we require a deposit and what’s our Cover-19 policy?

We require a $500 deposit to secure the date. We then invoice for the full balance once you have received your finished wedding film. In the event that you have to cancel due to Cover-19 we will happily provide a full refund. We are of course happy to book a new date if available.


Your Elopement Film includes up to 3 hours of filming with audio capture if required.

Length:  1-2 mins (1 song)
Cost:  $1000
Coverage:  3 Hours
Videographers:  1 Videographer
Delivery:  Vimeo and Dropbox


Your Highlight Film is a collection of moments captured throughout the entire day including bride and groom preparation, ceremony, reception, speeches, dinner and dancing. The highlight film does not include audio capture.

Length:  2.5 – 3.5 mins (1 song)
Cost:  $2200
Coverage:  9 Hours
Videographers:  1 Videographer
Delivery:  Vimeo & DropBox


Your Feature Film includes a collection of moments captured throughout the entire day including bride and groom preparation, ceremony, reception, speeches and dinner. Unlike the Highlight Film the Feature includes full audio and video capture of the full ceremony and speeches. We then include large sections of these in the final edit.

Length:  6-7 mins (2 songs)
Cost:  $3400
Coverage:  9 Hours
Videographers:  2 Videographers
Delivery:  Vimeo & DropBox

We’d love to chat about your day! Please send us an email if you have any questions or to arrange a phone chat.

Thanks 🙂