#iheartbyron – Why a Byron Bay wedding is the best choice


What makes a Byron Bay wedding so special?

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There are so many beautiful places in Australia but having travelled throughout most of Australia, I can honestly say that there is nowhere that has everything all in one place, that Byron Bay and the surrounding region offers.

We have incredible weather year round. Obviously summer is an amazing time here in the Byron Shire with the beaches really turning it on. Crystal clear water, hazy sunny days and that laid back vibe that has made the region famous but personally it’s the other seasons that are my favourite. Autumn and Winter are absolutely stunning. Crisp sunny days, clear starry nights and yes, you can still swim in the ocean (it’s gets a bit cold for a few weeks right in the middle of Winter but still totally worth a dip).

We have so many insanely beautiful wedding venues here in Byron Bay and the surrounding region. From the stunning Fig Tree Restaurant (Film) which offers views of the lighthouse, incredible on site accommodation and a wide variety of amazing spots for photography if you don’t want to leave the venue.

Maybe you want to be right in the heart of Byron, on the beach and ready to party all night long, then you can’t go past the Byron Bay Surf Club (Film) with it’s expansive veranda overlooking main beach Byron Bay with views to The Pass and Julian Rocks. Another one of our favs is Byron View Farm (Film) perched high up on the hill with stunning views overlooking the bay. This venue offers a beautifully renovated cottage as well as the perfect outdoor area and that private hinterland vibe so many couples love. You’ll want to check out the full list here Byron Bay Wedding Venues.

Your wedding day is not just about the actual day, it’s about the whole experience leading up to and surrounding the day. Many couples come for a few days or even a few weeks beforehand to soak up the sights, enjoy the beaches, visit a waterfall, play a round of golf, go for a surf, check out the farmers and community markets or just relax in paradise while eating their way through the many delicious eateries on offer.

Speaking of food for me personally the number one reason why I think Byron Bay is the best choice is without a doubt Fig Tree Restaurant catering! Whether you choose the Fig Tree Restaurant venue itself or another stunning venue these guys know how to make the most delicious food perfect for your special day. I can’t express enough how tasty their food is and how enjoyable it is for couples to have that time to hang out with family and friends while enjoying a beautiful meal. It makes all the difference.

Another incredibly important reason to choose Byron Bay for your wedding is the suppliers. It sounds cheesy but we really are like a family. The Byron Bay Weddings Tribe are an incredibly talented group of individuals but more importantly they are helpful, friendly people who you will enjoy having with you on your wedding day. We all work together to create the right vibe and ensure that you have a relaxing day full of love and happiness because after all, that’s what it’s all about.

How your wedding looks, feels and runs on the day is obviously a very personal expression of your love for each other. It’s your day to celebrate the love and commitment you have for each other and how that looks is an important aspect of making your day just right for you. From our talented florists through to the cake makers, stylists and furniture hire there is something uniquely special about the style and aesthetic that a Byron Bay wedding offers.

Even though we’ve been to so many weddings here I’m always amazed when I step into the venue for the first time and see what the team has created. Modern and stylish yet laid back and relaxed, it’s the perfect blend of boujee and beach. Some weddings feel like you’ve stepped into the South of France or Majorca, Spain while others perfectly encapsulate that elevated beach vibe that so many couples are looking for. The versatility and customisation of styling is a huge part of what makes a Byron Bay wedding unique.

I’ve lived here for a long time and absolutely love this place and the people in it so obviously I’m a bit biased but I can say with full confidence that choosing a Byron Bay wedding will absolutely make all of your dreams come true. There’s a magic here that is rarely found and incredible hard to recreate. It’s an effortless mix of culture, creativity, attention to detail and that something special that’s hard to define, that all comes together for a truly unique experience.

When planning your wedding look no further than the world class team at Byron Bay Weddings, they will take care of you like no one else.

Wishing you a beautiful wedding day, here in Byron Bay 💛